About Us

We are Sara and Liam a couple from England that decided we were not happy with the ‘normal’ mundane life. With that we booked a random, one way ticket to Thailand and here we are!
We are both Vegan and love to help people, hence setting this up so alongside talking all things food and vegan such as, tips/advice, reviews and recipes and generally being Vegan in Thailand we will also introduce ourselves further in future posts…
Sara (me)- I am here training and competing in Muay Thai so I will also talk about my experience, gyms, fighting, tips about training here and some fitness and nutrition tips
Liam – Liam is working as a teacher in a school over here, so he will talk about his experience as a westerner working over here, What to expect when working in a school, Salary etc
We hope you enjoy getting to know us and really hope we can be some help to you. We are complete blog beginners so show some love and help us out too please, also feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback.
Much Love