10 Tips on going vegan…

Firstly, well done on moving in this direction- you are not only making the best decision for you and your health but also doing a fantastic job for animals and the planet. OK so my top 10 tips for going vegan.

1UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE GOING VEGAN. Whether it’s for your health, animals or the planet, understand your reasons and be passionate about them it will encourage and motivate you in your transition.

2. BE PREPARED. Being prepared with your food is so important when you are vegan. It can be difficult to buy convenience foods, so don’t leave it to chance. When you are going to work or have a long day, bring food and snacks to keep you going. It is difficult at first, checking labels etc, but stick with it- anything worth having or doing takes time and a little bit of effort. It is getting easier day by day with many high street stores such as Starbucks, Marks and Spenser’s, Sainsburys, and more, starting to stock vegan meals-to-go. Also, so many restaurants adding vegan options to their menu but even still, it’s best to be prepared – it’s a great habit to get into anyway much more healthy and cost effective.

3. STAPLE FOODS. Everyone has ‘staple foods’ usually they are things that go with everything and are used in many meals. My staples are oats, peanut butter, cinnamon, chickpeas, avocado and quinoa. These items generally make up the bulk of my diet. For example; overnight oats, peanut butter on toast, homemade energy balls, hummus, quinoa salads etc. Also, these items last a few days in the fridge as long as they are stored correctly.

4. COST. People are under the impression that being vegan is expensive but oats, rice, grains and lentils are all so cheap and full of goodness. When you do your first big shop to stock up on all your new vegan items, you may spend more than usual but you will have your staple pieces that you will use over and over.

5. HAVE A THICK SKIN. Everyone you know or maybe even don’t know will become a nutritionist when you go vegan. The will tell you that you will be lacking “this, that and the other” and maybe even fire questions at you such as, ‘where do you get your protein?’ And many others you will become accustomed with very soon. But don’t let this deter you, the longer you are vegan the more confident you will be answering such questions and you will probably find yourself enjoying educating people.

6. RESEARCH AND LEARNING. If you haven’t already, watch Earthlings, What the Health and Cowspiracy and maybe buy yourself some vegan cookbooks or have a look online for meal ideas and inspiration. Remember- “knowledge is power”. Since being vegan I feel like I learn something new about nutrition every single day.

7. EATING OUT. Do yourself a favor, if you are not going to a full vegan restaurant, save yourself some time and unnecessary stress and check the menu before booking. Lots of restaurants are really helpful if you contact them prior to booking. They may potentially prepare you a separate meal, also remember not all wine is vegan so again do your research beforehand.

8. IT’S NOT BORING. Becoming vegan was the best life decision I ever made and I have never ‘missed out’ on anything. I still go on nights out, have food binges and enjoy life, but when I do it, it causes harm to nothing and no one. So be open-minded, try new foods or maybe even join vegan groups to meet like minded people.

9. THE AWAKENING. Be prepared to see life differently. You will start to see situations and people differently – embrace it. Your taste buds will also change, so you will start to taste food exactly how it should taste.

10.BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. Be proud of you and your amazing decision. For your health, animals and our amazing planet. It may take time to all click into place, but don’t be disheartened- remember why you made this decision in the first place!

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