The Right people around you…

Sorry it’s been a while since our last post, I have been super busy training – I took two fights in a week! But aside from that I changed gyms and it got me thinking about how important it is to have the right people around you.

A lot of people, businesses, and gyms go through the motions of life and making money without a lot of thought or compassion to other people’s thoughts, feelings and needs. But in a sport such as Thai boxing where you can actually get seriously hurt I realised how important it was/is that when I trained, my trainer cared about it and about me. When I step in that ring I want and more importantly NEED to know, he has my back, it might just be me in there fighting, but knowing someone cares feels like you have an army behind you and means the absolute world.

Mindset in a fight sport is everything, you can be fitter, stronger more powerful than your opponent but if your head is not there well good luck! I have learned that having the right people around you that genuinely care changes everything.

So the reason for writing this? Surely we can apply this to every aspect of our lives.

People that have genuine interest in you, people that care about you, people that care about what you are talking about, people that ask questions and actually care about what the answer is…Surely these are the people we want and maybe need to be around for our own health, happiness and mental health?

My plan is to only surround myself with those on the same mission as me…..Maybe we all should do the same?

(I won both fights too!!!)