Buon Gusto, Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria – Kata Beach

!IMG_0759When you’re vegan and see this sign!!! 

Sold to the plant eaters! We Stumbled across this place as we where driving round on a rainy day. We wouldn’t normally go for Italian food, But who doesn’t want a cheesy Lasagne when its cold and wet outside?!

First impressions where good, the outside looked nice (quite western)

When we walked in, staff where really polite and in-imposing, making us feel welcome without being over attentive, which can be quite rare in Thailand as service doesn’t seem to be a skill here. As we sat on a well laid out table, a very friendly Gentleman greeted us, it turned out he was also the Chef (Fabio) so we asked about the vegan options. He was fantastic turns out he is vegan too! He makes all the food from scratch, so happily listed all the ingredients he uses, really putting our minds at ease. He was a breath of fresh air. IMG_0761

They currently have two vegan options, Lasagna and Cannelloni, but he told us he would make us a vegan garlic bread too!!! …..One very happy girl at this point!

The garlic bread arrived in good time. Just visually you can see its fresh and not greasy at all. It was really tasty and just 80baht IMG_0763

Shortly after, our food arrived, ( I obviously shotgunned the Lasagna) so Liam ordered the Cannelloni . Both meals where very well presented and visually appealing.

But more importantly, they tasted so good! Fabio explained that he used soy milk in replacement of eggs in his Lasagna, but it was also full of lentils, veg and goodness. Liam’s Cannelloni was also divine, it tasted so creamy and flavorsome. Also need to note, the little pot on the plate was Fabios homemade ‘Parmesan’ cheese, made with Cashew nuts and so so good. Both meals where easy a 10/10 from us, good size, fresh and super tasty.

Overall experience here was great;

  • Friendly staff – Fabio really is great and will go above and beyond for you.
  • Nice, Clean surroundings
  • Great food
  • Reasonable prices

Will we be going back, Just try and stop us!

This place is definitely worth a trip, Fabio also explained he is working on more vegan options (such as vegan pizzas) so keep an eye on this place for sure.

10/10 from us

Thanks Guys


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