10 Tips for Training Muay Thai in Thailand

So you have decided to go back to the Muay Thai roots and train in Thailand? I have been here for a while now- training and fighting, so I have put together a few things you need to consider.

Water – Remember you’re not Thai! It is really hot and humid, even in the rainy season, and they train twice a day! Make sure you drink water or even better pick up some electrolytes from a local pharmacy ( 50 sachets for around 250B) I find these better whilst training as they don’t give you as much of a ‘water baby’ and more importantly will replenish the salts you will lose through sweat (also don’t gulp your water, it wont be nice if you take a body shot!)

BE ON TIME – This is a HUGE pet hate of mine. Muay Thai is about respect and discipline so…..HAVE SOME! If your session starts at 730 am, be there! Even better be 5 minutes early, it won’t go unnoticed.
LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – Rest is so important and highly underrated here. Most gyms are closed on Sundays so rest, go the beach, catch up with friends, CHILL! Don’t be a hero and train, even most Thai fighters have Sundays off. Also if you’re a few weeks in and start feeling really weak and uninspired, this means you need a break, have a day off – your body will thank you for it!
CUT YOUR NAILS – Girls / Boys / Fingers and Toes!!! It’s not nice clinching someone with claws guys, get them cut!
THE RIGHT GYM- Do your research, find a gym that’s right for your style. Have a look how their fighter’s fight. Speak to people that have trained in Thailand before etc. If you are coming solely for Muay Thai, it is so important you are happy where you are training i.e. 1- Are you learning? 2- Is the atmosphere good? 3- Are you looking forward to training at 7.30am (or even earlier) every morning?! If the answer to these questions is No then my advice would be to cut your losses and move elsewhere because if you are not smiling when you are training, WHAT’S THE POINT??

RESPECT THE TRAINERS – Make sure you show some respect to the trainers. Some can speak better English than others but “thank you” is universal – Use it!
SPARRING WITH THAIS – If you are lucky enough to get a chance to spar with the Thai fighters (not every gym does this) then do yourself a favor and DON’T try and bomb their head off. This is their life and job which is generally why they only tech spar, if they cant fight, they probably can’t put food on the table so leave the Ego at home and relax – You will 100% learn more sparring this way anyway.

STAY AWAY – If you are sick, stay away from the gym, it’s not fair on everyone else and it’s also a sure sign your body is trying to tell you it needs a rest. Also, its pretty annoying when you are trying to train and someone is coughing and spluttering!!
EAT WELL – Give your body the fuel it needs after your sessions. You can’t put water in your car and expect it to perform, so nourish yourself to get the best out of your training.

ALL LEVELS -Remember, Muay Thai is for everyone from beginners right the way through to top level fighters. So take your time, enjoy the experience and meet some amazing people along the way .

If you can think of any more tips or advice feel free to comment – hope this helps!

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Teaching in Thailand

On a sunny day out shopping in Chester, England, Sara and I decided on a whim to book a one-way flight to Thailand that would be departing in a little under a years time.

We had not long returned home from a few weeks travelling in Thailand and were suffering from not only the holiday blues but the “what-ifs”- “what if we would have stayed?”, etc.

After booking our flights to Bangkok, for a few weeks we were in shock and excitement mode- shocked that we had been so spontaneous and excited at the opportunity.

I began researching what was required to secure a teaching position in Thailand and after a few hours I realised that many people had many different opinions about what was actually required and what was not.

After some thorough research and an email here and there I finally found some definitive answers (or at least it worked for me!)

Firstly, in order to be eligible to teach in Thailand you will need to have completed a degree. The subject of your degree does not particularly matter unless you have a degree in Education or perhaps Mathematics or Science as some schools offer an increased salary for degrees in these fields. You will also need your degree transcripts!

Secondly, you will need to have completed a TEFL (or equivalent) qualification. When I was looking for a course to complete my TEFL, I was working full-time in the Hospitality industry so a hands on, classroom course would not be an option for me, so I decided to book an online course that I could complete in my spare time.

As you will see if you decide to search for available TEFL courses, there are so many different companies offering anything from a 120-hour course at £200 to a 150-hour TEFL Masters course at £350+. To be honest, I had a look on Groupon and found that they had a course available for around £50 and booked that (whilst saving some “new life” money).

The next most important thing I needed was a criminal record check (Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS formerly CRB) from my home country. I ordered the basic check for around £30 online using the Post Office website and a little over 2 weeks later, I received it in the post.

As the weeks and months went on, I began to worry about finding a teaching position in Thailand as I didn’t know anybody that had worked there before, just neighboring countries, and decided I would send off a few applications to see if I heard anything back.

When sending applications and CV or resume, it is a standard requirement to send a full-length photograph along with your application. However, I would recommend sending a photograph where you are smartly dressed rather than Saturday night’s photograph with the lads or girls!

Also, just to be extra sure you are who you say you are, it is standard to be asked to send a photocopy or photograph of your passport page with your application.

After a few days I received a couple of offers for a Skype interview, which I gladly accepted!

The interviews were fairly basic and I think they just wanted to get to know me and my personality as well as my hobbies and whether they feel that I would fit in to their team in Thailand rather than whether I knew the different between present perfect tense and future progressive!

Finally, a month before our departure from the UK, we visited the Thai Embassy and purchased our 90-day Tourist Visa which costs around £25-30 and requires you to fill out a short application for and then pick up your visa the next day!

So, here I am in Thailand!

It’s been a long journey from booking our flights and jumping on my TEFL course at any spare moment, but… it was all worth it in the end!

For future reference when applying for teaching vacancies here in Thailand, a monthly salary for a full time teacher (usually 18-20 teaching hours per week) ranges from 35,000-40,000 baht on average and then as previously explained, there can be extra payments depending on whether you are a native English speaker or whether your degree is in Education or even Maths or Science.


P.S. If you have any queries, drop me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get back from the beach!

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Buon Gusto, Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria – Kata Beach

!IMG_0759When you’re vegan and see this sign!!! 

Sold to the plant eaters! We Stumbled across this place as we where driving round on a rainy day. We wouldn’t normally go for Italian food, But who doesn’t want a cheesy Lasagne when its cold and wet outside?!

First impressions where good, the outside looked nice (quite western)

When we walked in, staff where really polite and in-imposing, making us feel welcome without being over attentive, which can be quite rare in Thailand as service doesn’t seem to be a skill here. As we sat on a well laid out table, a very friendly Gentleman greeted us, it turned out he was also the Chef (Fabio) so we asked about the vegan options. He was fantastic turns out he is vegan too! He makes all the food from scratch, so happily listed all the ingredients he uses, really putting our minds at ease. He was a breath of fresh air. IMG_0761

They currently have two vegan options, Lasagna and Cannelloni, but he told us he would make us a vegan garlic bread too!!! …..One very happy girl at this point!

The garlic bread arrived in good time. Just visually you can see its fresh and not greasy at all. It was really tasty and just 80baht IMG_0763

Shortly after, our food arrived, ( I obviously shotgunned the Lasagna) so Liam ordered the Cannelloni . Both meals where very well presented and visually appealing.

But more importantly, they tasted so good! Fabio explained that he used soy milk in replacement of eggs in his Lasagna, but it was also full of lentils, veg and goodness. Liam’s Cannelloni was also divine, it tasted so creamy and flavorsome. Also need to note, the little pot on the plate was Fabios homemade ‘Parmesan’ cheese, made with Cashew nuts and so so good. Both meals where easy a 10/10 from us, good size, fresh and super tasty.

Overall experience here was great;

  • Friendly staff – Fabio really is great and will go above and beyond for you.
  • Nice, Clean surroundings
  • Great food
  • Reasonable prices

Will we be going back, Just try and stop us!

This place is definitely worth a trip, Fabio also explained he is working on more vegan options (such as vegan pizzas) so keep an eye on this place for sure.

10/10 from us

Thanks Guys


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